Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Why's

Why does the peel on a banana get thinner the riper the banana gets?

Why does it seem that the shows I like to watch on TV are always on when I'm busy but then not on when I have nothing going on?

Why do some people love rainy, gloomy weather and others prefer sunshine and heat? Does it have something to do with personality, genetics, environment?

Why did my floor fail?

Why do I sometimes prefer a latte over a regular cup of coffee and then other times only a cup of coffee will satisfy?

Why do we give out candy at Halloween time? When did this ritual start and why?

And lastly - this isn't a why question but it's something I'm hoping someone might be able to answer for me - has there ever been a child/person abducted from Disneyland?


Jane Anne said...

Oh! Oh! I think I can answer one!! Or... I can send you somewhere for answers. That counts, right? You should read Sarah's post on Halloween. I like it. Honestly, I didn't get through it all last night because it was so long but what I read was very interesting.

What happened to your floors?

Chelsea said...

Some years back there was talk of a 5 year old abducted from Tokyo's Disneyland. I am not quite sure why it remained under speculation for so long, but it turned out that it just wasn't true. Other than that, I was not able to find out any other stories of abduction at Disney parks.

JTJones said...

When Savanah was lost and they were sending in security the guy I talked to said that they had never lost anyone at Disneyland.

JTJones said...

I like both! Sunshiny rays and warmth all around, but I also like gloomy dark days filled with showers. I like to be inside with a good book or movie and a huge cup of hot tea.

Anonymous said...

Well if it makes you better about the floor my son thinks it is cool! I love both rain and sunshine. I think it is the change that I like most.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for all the info ladies. I appreciate having answers to my questions!!!

And as far as my floors go - they are coming apart at the seams (literally) and we now have two "bubbles" in the floor.