Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday Teachings

This past week was really, really busy and I didn't take the time like I should have to do my bible lesson each day. So I ended up doing it all on Monday. While I'm really glad that I got it all finished I definitely didn't get the full benefits of being in God's word each day and taking more time to dwell on the key points of each days lesson. I'm praying that this next week I will do a better job of that.

As I assumed when I started this bible study and when I started these Tuesday postings, the longer I'm in the study the more great bits of insight I'm learning. So I'm going to share a couple of points and thoughts that just really stood out to me. Starting with a statement that Tianne Moon said today during our DVD session - "Bible study is not just about gaining knowledge of the bible but about applying those principals to our lives."

While there were many things that stood out in this weeks bible study, I feel the main topics we touched on that hit home the closest were about humility and obedience. Here are some of the phrases I underlined in my book.

Living in unity means that we stop pushing our own agendas and actively value the ideas and opinions of others. We become willing to set aside unimportant personal differences so that we can accomplish important godly goals.

My disobedience to God is more than committing sins or making bad choices. My disobedience takes God off the throne in my life and seats me in His place. By disobeying His commands, I choose to be in charge - ignoring God's rightful place in my life.

True joy does not come from being in charge, it comes from humbly acknowledging that God is in control. Joy is a product of worshipping the only One worthy of our praise and humbly serving Him in every aspect of our lives.

Unity and humility are essential qualities of strong friendships.

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Jane Anne said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I am going to chew on the quotes for a while. I think I need to read them a few times for them to sink in. Great stuff!