Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Why's

A couple of things I wonder about -

Why isn't the soap as sudsy when it gets to the bottom of the bottle or the end of the bar?
Why do I feel as though my husband is attacking my parenting skills when he comments on others peoples well-behaved children?
Why can I be so sleepy throughout the day and then once it is late at night - I'm wide awake?
Why does the smell of coffee make me smile?


Chelsea said...

You just asked everything I have ever wanted to know. Let me know when you find out.

By the way....I feel that your girls are some of the most well behaved children I have ever met (and I have know A LOT of children in my days). You should give us other parents a lesson or two on parenting. I need to learn how not to be such a drill sargent with mine by the way!

Kimberly said...

I can't imagine you being a drill sergeant and your boys are WONDERFULLY behaved. Believe me, when Keith says we should invite "so&so" over and they have kids you know they are great kids because Keith wants to have them over. He is constantly telling me when need to get together with you guys again. Which I completely agree with!