Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Why's

A couple of things I've been pondering today -

Why do I miss my husband more today than any other given day when it's been the same amount of hours since I've seen him? Is it because I know that I won't actually be seeing him til Saturday? Or is it because I won't have his help with the girls for the next couple of days?

Why do your taste buds change as you get older?

Why is it that when you are prepared for the rain it doesn't make an appearance but when you aren't - man does it dump?

Why is it so important to me to receive comments on my blog posts?

Why do my two closest friends have to both live in Oregon - hours and hours from me but only 1 1/2 from each other? It hardly seems fair!

And I'm still wondering why not only the smell but even the thought of coffee, makes me smile?


Seth said...

why don't you move to OR?

Kristi said...

Hey for once I have to agree with Seth!

Jane Anne said...

First of all-- how are you seeing your hubby on Saturday?? I thought they were coming back on Sunday. Maybe I should have asked you for the schedule!

2nd- I love these Wednesday Why posts! I am going to have to drink my coffee now and think about these questions.

~~Missy~~ said...

Just the thought of coffee has now made me smile. =)

I think I'm going to go make some.

The Laverty's said...

Love your new blog questions Kim. Wish I could read it all... I have to say, I'm soooo jealous of your family going to California!! It is sooo cold here and I'd really like to get some of that warm sunshine (and see Mickey Mouse!!). Talk with you soon!

The Laverty's said...

P.S. You can't move to Oregon!! We'd miss you guys too much!! Don't even think about it!

Kimberly said...

the minute we moved to OR all of our friends would end up moving elsewhere! so I will stay close to home and family (whom I love dearly) and just go on missing my OR friends!!!

Lindsay said...

why is it that the smell of coffee brings a smile to your face but it makes me so nauseaus i can't even stand it...oh yeah...because you're going to be an auntie again!!!