Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Why's

Why does some people's hair naturally change color as they get older?

Why does the thought of going back to work (even part-time) terrify me and yet thrill me at the same time?

Why does it warm my heart to the core when a baby lays their head on my shoulder and then just stays there for a snuggle?

Why doesn't Stephanie have 24 oz iced cups at Austin Chase?

Why do I like Almond Roca syrup in hot drinks and not cold? And Coconut syrup in cold but not hot?

Why do I love homemade banana bread but despise eating a banana?


JTJones said...

Why am I nervous (or is it simply anxiousness) about leaving on vacation tomorrow? When I have been to places all over the world and have been to So. Cali at least a thousand times. I don't remember ever being this nervous!

Seth said...

"some" people's hair does not change color naturally. Clairol, Salon Selectives, and Garnier are not quite in the realm of "Natural".
Although, I read that 75% of women color their hair.

JTJones said...

The other 25% really do need to get on board!