Monday, June 2, 2008

Now it's all beginning to make sense!

So this weekend I had two revelations that helped me realize why I am a certain way about a certain thing. My brother-in-law likes to tease me (mercilessly) about it and I take the "heat" thinking - I know your right but I can't help it. Now I know that my inclinations are deeply ingrained AND now I know why. I always had a sneaking suspicion but this weekend it was confirmed!
Anyone who has ever had a meal at my house more than once has probably caught on to the fact that when I make food or plan a meal for a group of people I always make sure that we will have more than enough. And when I say more than enough - I mean, MORE THAN ENOUGH! It probably helps that I don't mind eating leftovers (sorry, JA!). But I truly have this fear of having too many people and not enough food. Since I tend to be a people person that enjoys having lots of people around that just leads to the need for lots and lots of food.
Anyway, this Saturday my sister came over for dinner with her son and I was planning on making spaghetti. Now my dad had been around for most of the day working on our back porch. I wasn't expecting him to stay for dinner and also wasn't expecting Brook to be here for dinner. As I was boiling the noodles, I thought to myself, I always make way too many noodles and then they sit in our frig. And even though we will eat on them. I usually end up throwing some of them away. I've been trying to work on my over-cooking so I just cooked a box and a half of noodles. Shortly after I've done this we realize that Brook will be eating dinner with us and I ask my Dad to stay and eat also. Now I'm in panic mode. I don't have enough noodles! My sister, the pragmatic and unflappable one, says lets make some garlic bread and then I decide to throw on some green beans as well. As we start dishing up, I find myself giving everyone small portions because I'm afraid we won't have enough noodles. I tell Keith - I'm an idiot and didn't make enough noodles. He very lovingly tells me - you're not an idiot and there will be enough. But I've really just worked myself into a panic over this. Mind you the only extra people we have is my dad, sister and nephew. Imagine if these people weren't my family! As it turned out we did have enough food with a tad bit leftover (which Keith ate last night for dinner) but the stress of it all was not worth it.
Fast forward to the next day (yesterday afternoon to be exact). We are now all at my parents and are putting dinner together (for anyone who knows my family - on Sundays dinner is the meal eaten after you get home from church). My contribution to "dinner" is my sister-in-laws apple salad recipe that includes granny smith apples, cool whip, pineapple tidbits, snickers candy bars and peanuts. It's a wonderful, yummy salad but it doesn't really keep very well. So once again on the theme of creating less waste I've brought just enough for the 5 adults and 3 kids who will be eating. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door and then people come piling into the double-wide. I ask my mom what's going on? She informs me that dad has invited a couple of people to have "dinner" with us. AW HA! And now it is becoming so clear. My dad is a pastor, my mom a pastors wife. I grew up in this household. My mom is a smart, smart woman. She knows my dad well. He likes to bring home "strays" on a moments notice without informing the "woman-folk". Solution? Always have an overabundance of food to entertain with so that you are never stuck in the kitchen having a panic attack wondering - how am I going to feed all these people?
So now I know why I am the way I am about this particular issue. My other issues will have to wait for another day and another epiphany before we can even start to understand them!!!


Melissa Guay said...

Kim, I am cracking up over this!! Because I'm the exact same way, though I blame it on being Italian. There is something in me that feels like I'm a failure as a hostess if I run out of food!! Crazy, aren't we?
ALSO!! Cooked pasta freezes!! I do it all the time, just drain and stick in a ziploc bag and freeze. Run hot water over to defrost. Perfect!

Kimberly said...

Melissa, Thanks for the freezing pasta tip. I never once thought about doing this. I will definitely try it out!

Anonymous said...

perhaps you should listen to your husband more, he sounds very smart.)

Kimberly said...


Jane Anne said...

I think the "problem" can be summed up as being a naturally good host. BTW, it is wonderful! I mean, with 3 growing boys (and one grown one), it is wonderful to know that the McCoy (and Guay) house will always have more than enough food. Now if we only could be closer!