Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks Tank #14

I would be so much more thankful if this headache I've been fostering all day would go away. But it doesn't seem to want to go anywhere and I really want to post my thanks tank so I'm going to attempt it. Right now I just keep thinking - give thanks in ALL things!

  • i'm thankful for the wonderful dinner we just got done eating - my hubbie b-b-q'd steak, we had baked potatoes, steamed asparagus and sauteed mushrooms and garlic. it was wonderful sitting around the table together as a family and having meaningful and precious conversations with the girls
  • i'm thankful for my girls who ate their snack, did their homework, did their reading and then played quietly for two hours after they got home from school while i slept trying to take the edge off this headache
  • i'm thankful for an awesome, relaxing and rejuvenating weekend away with friends.
  • i'm thankful for the chance to hang out with my sister and mother (in-love) scrapbooking till 1 in the morning last night (hmm, i wonder where this headache came from?)
  • i'm thankful for my husband
I have so much more to be thankful for and I know yesterday as I was composing my thanks tank in my mind I had so much more "listed". But this headache is getting the best of me. Please take time to be thankful for something and I thank you for taking time to read what has made me thankful this week. Blessings to you!


Jane Anne said...

I hope your headache is gone today. Thank you for making yourself focus on thankful thoughts inspite of your headache!

The asparagus sounds wonderful. And, I am thankful you had a relaxing and refreshing weekend, too!!

Bakatari said...

Thanks baby! I also hope your headache is gone.
No Bible verse this time?
now, how do we get "geek squad" aka Seth to come get our computer working?