Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gotta love these girls!!!

I'm going to post something that Anah wrote today for her school homework.  It made my heart melt when I heard her read it.  I'm also going to post a belated Mother's Day gift from Sammy.  It was this laminated "list" with a picture of her on it.  I love the things she wrote; probably because I feel like it shows her maturity and the fact that she is seeing "things" without being told.  

Anah's Story

I like going to my grandparents on Sundays.  It is fun.  We usually have hotdogs or hamburgers or steak and sometimes we take tons and tons of pictures.  It is fun cause we have family time and if my family didn't have Sundays we would never have family time and then I wouldn't see my aunt or uncle or grandparents or baby cousins and that is not fun.  So I thank God so much for making Sundays cause without Sundays I wouldn't get to see my family.  So sometimes at night I even thank God for Sundays and I hope my family thanks God too.

Sammy's Mother's Day 2008 List

Mom                                                            Who'd like to see
Nice                                                                  Hawaii
Funny                                                              Mexico
Willing to help people who need it

Who loves                                                    Who gives
Her family                                                      Care for her children
God                                                                  Care for her dogs

Who needs                                                   Teacher of
A hammock                                                    Samantha McCoy
A boy baby                                                    Savanah McCoy
A housekeeper

Who fears                                                    Student of
Snakes                                                            Her Mom
Spiders                                                          Her Grandma

Both of these just touched my heart.  I love them both and I love THESE GIRLS!!!


JTJones said...

That is awesome. I love it!

Jane Anne said...

I love both of these! I have to say that even though Sammy's list shows her maturity, she made me LOL
"who needs...a housekeeper" --
meeee toooo!!

Stephanie said...

so sweet. What would you do without Sundays? ( :

Bakatari said...

We are such great parents!

lisa said...

So darn cute...
hey... you need a boy baby???

depending on the day, i might be willing to leave one of mine :)

hey, it may not depend on the day - Carter is starting potty training :)

Bakatari said...

his name is Chase and he's the biggest baby ever. ever met a 100+ pound lab afraid of floors? That's right floors.

Jackaroo said...

Ya know Keith... They say boys tend to take after their fathers. Is there something we should know about you and floors?