Friday, May 2, 2008

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts (as I see them anyway!)

  • i prefer the bottom of a bagel but the top of a muffin.

  • my favorite drink is a caramel macchiato. i HATE vanilla. vanilla syrup is the first ingredient that goes into a caramel macchiato.

  • i love chocolate but can't stand white chocolate.

  • i have a chocolate fetish and yet as long as it's in my house, i don't have to eat it - i.e. i still have the chocolate bar I was given when my friends son was born. he just turned 3! and yet if all the chocolate in my house was gone I would literally have a panic attack and have to rush to the store for chocolate!

  • i'm coming to realize that shoes aren't as important to me as they once were. i'd rather wear my slippers everywhere!!!

  • i can't stand listening to the radio.

  • i despise having to "get ready" in the morning. make-up is only my friend because it makes me look somewhat decent not because i enjoy applying it!

  • i go through crazy funky spurts - sometimes i enjoy reading so much that every time i get a chance i read, and then all of a sudden it seems to take all my energy to even pick up a book. i "rotate" the genre of music i am into sometimes every couple of months and sometimes longer. i'm not sure what the genre is that i'm into at the moment. but i will go thru oldies to country to christian to 80's to soft rock to 80's hard rock to ???? right now I have Billy Ray Cyrus in my CD clock radio alarm, The Friends of Distinction (Grazin' in the Grass is a gas, baby can you dig it!) in my car and Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, NKOTB, Colbie Calliat & The Jonas Brothers in my CD player in the living room. sometimes all i want to do is play games and then other times i just want to watch movies.

  • i am watching Desperate Housewives on DVD and keith and i are watching The Unit (on DVD) together.

  • i have to have candy while scrapbooking - my favorites: M&M's & Robin Eggs.

  • i used to hate being alone and now I enjoy it SO much.

  • i used to love talking on the phone and now i dread it.

  • i used to think i didn't like doing laundry just because i didn't like it. now i've realized that doing laundry isn't the problem it's putting all those folded clothes away that i hate. when you don't have a place for something it gets old quick.

  • i thought once we were back into our own place that i would have a place for everything - how wrong was i!

  • i've realized that i don't enjoy cooking. i used to think that was because i didn't like having to clean up but now i know its just that i don't enjoy cooking.

  • as much as i don't like to cook - i LOVE to eat.

  • i actually enjoy working out - i'm just too lazy to set aside time to do it.

  • the most comments i've ever gotten on a post was 23 - that post was I am a Rock. i got 22 comments on my post on Alzheimer's. but my average amount of comments i would assume is actually about 3. i don't really know for sure i haven't counted. maybe sometime when i'm bored and i've found my calculator i'll actually get a real number for that fact. ????

I'm going to post this now but when and if I have some more time I might add to this list!

  • i can't stand the taste of Starbucks brewed coffee (at Starbucks or any one's home) but they are my favorite for espresso.
  • my ultimate "topping" for pizza, pasta or salad is artichoke hearts. i LOVE them. they are beyond delicious. lately I would rather have artichoke hearts than chocolate!
  • i immensely enjoy running a screw gun!
  • i like being able to do things that people think only guys should do.
  • i think everyone should learn how to drive a stick shift.
  • i plan on making my kids learn how to drive on a stick shift.
  • my favorite sport is volleyball. i would love to have an outdoor sand volleyball court in our back "40". actually not the back "40" but closer to the garage and pump house.
  • i love having people over to my house but i'm a basket case before they show up because i'm never prepared and i'm always frantically cleaning until the moment they get here.
  • my favorite book in the Bible is James
  • i don't like taking naps because i feel tired and "out of it" for the rest of the day after i've taken one but if i really needed to take a nap the best kind only lasts about 20 minutes!
  • i admit to being a comment slut!
  • i LOVE to make people laugh.
  • even though who i am as a person revolves around humor and sarcasm i would rather watch an action/adventure movie than a comedy.
  • i get headaches frequently and i'm very tired of it. it blows my mind when someone tells me they never get headaches. i can't imagine a life without headaches but oh how i wish i could. i have one right now!
  • i always wished my parents had had more kids. i've always wanted a brother. seth won't let me claim him as my brother but i treat him that way anyway. its fun annoying the heck out of him like i assume a little sister would.
  • though i find it a bit hokey and weird, the minute i saw keith for the first time i said out loud to myself, "that's the man i'm going to marry". i have no explanation for this - it's just the truth. odd, huh?
  • i really, really, really love my husband and enjoy spending time with him. i love that he gets me and that he lets me be myself and that he lets me believe that he thinks i'm as funny as i think i am!


Anonymous said...

This is quite the list. Where to start?
So how is my cd?
Maybe when we get rid of all the boxes of extra stuff and the clothes we don't wear. then we will have a place for everything else.
I didn't know Vanilla was in a C.M.
No wonder I like them.
I would have to say that I like my Keens better than my slippers.

gotta go!

Jane Anne said...

What about a vanilla latte? That is my current favorite. What about that heath bar crunch IC? That has a vanilla IC base. Do you like vanilla wafers? Oh, and I put vanilla extract in the infamous snickerdoodle cookies. Surely you don't really H-A-T-E vanilla?!!

Kimberly said...

i would rather go without coffee than drink a vanilla latte'.
Ben and Jerry's heath bar crunch ice cream very luckily comes in a coffee ice cream base as well as a vanilla ice cream base.
vanilla wafers are okay. i'll buy them every once in awhile but i usually only have one or two before i'm done (with the box).
i don't know that I've ever eaten one of your snickerdoodles.?.?.
i put vanilla in my chocolate chip cookies and i LOVE those.
H-A-T-E is a strong word but I strongly feel that I H-A-T-E vanilla!

lisa said...

so.... my brother used to work at starbucks and introduced me to the caramel macchiato with toffee nut instead of the vanilla.... TO DIE FOR!

i feel a little high maintenance when i order my venti, half caf, soy caramel macchiato with toffee nut instead of vanilla... but it is soooooo worth it!

now i will go back and read the rest of your list... let me know if you try it (warning --- you will NEVER go back!)

Kimberly said...

lisa, i will definitely have to try it out. is toffee nut sweeter than vanilla, do you think? cause if so I might not need the x-tra caramel which would ultimately be healthier for me, right?

Kimberly said...

babe, honestly I'm getting a little bored of it. can I trade for a josh turner cd?
are you certain when the boxes are gone we will have a place for everything because ya know to get rid of the boxes we have to empty them first!
wow, Keens have surpassed the Acorns, huh? that's amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Keens -vs- Acorns is a very close race but i love my Keens!
I think you should try one of Jane Anne's Snickerdoodles. have her send some up .)
Not sure about the boxes but it couldn't hurt.
Jou are to kind.)

lisa said...

it is sweeter... and downright AMAZING!

in fact, i'm drinkin' a decaf one right now.... at least i hope it is decaf or i'll be up ALL NIGHT!

and... i'm with you on music... my mp3 player has a "random, says who" playlist that has everything... nitty gritty dirt band, weezer, rocco deluca and chris tomlin to name a few...

and.... artichoke hearts are MY FAVORITE! when i was pregnant i craved strawberries, avocado and artichoke!

so much in common!

kimberly said...

wow lisa, i think your taste in music might be even more "odd" than mine. i haven't even heard of some of those bands you mentioned!
so the craving of the strawberry, avocadoes and artichokes - was that like all together or separately? and i too LOVE avocadoes. i'm a southern callie girl and growing up my grandparents had a couple of avocado trees in their backyard - nothing tasted as good as a fresh avocado with salt and pepper!!! how i miss those trees and my grandparents!

kimberly said...

jane anne, apparently keith thinks i hold more sway over you than he does and if i beg and plead for snickerdoodles you might actually relent. so here i go - please oh please put me out of my misery and send my husband some snickerdoodles. or better yet, just come back up and visit and we can make them together!

lisa said...

all at different times...
although, i bet a salad with avocado and strawberries would be amazing...
hmmm.... might have to try that soon!

i bought 7 avocados today... they were on sale 10 for $10... and we do have a birthday party tomorrow... but i bet we have some strawberries...

good thing i'm not hungry :)

kimberly said...

lisa is there something you'd like to share with the rest of us????

btw - i think that i've had a salad with strawberry's and avocado and it was very good. i've also had a salad with grapefruit and avocado and shrimp and it was delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

gritty kitty dirt band

lisa said...

hi, my name is lisa and i'm an avocado-aholic...

is that what you were thinkin?
surely you weren't thinking i was prego.... not this girl! me and pregnancy are not a good mix! we are DONE!

Kimberly said...

lisa -
i can't wait for you guys to come up so that we can get caught up. i feel like there are so many things i don't know about you. we've never gotten a chance to share our gruesome pregnancy stories or stories about our kids as they were going thru their infant and toddler stages! this should be so much fun!

lisa said...

i hope to buy our tickets today! i'll let you know when i have details!

JTJones said...

I read your WHOLE post and have a number of comments to make. Let me start by saying. I did NOT read everyones comments. TOO MANY WORDS, which brings me to my first "comment". I believe the reason for your low average in the posting (commenting) arena is that your posts are too long. I admit to usually not being able to read the whole thing. Too overwhelming. Not enough pictures.
Vanilla is gross - there is NOTHING more generic
I do not like italics - they give me a headache
Sorry about your headaches
I thought I'd fear living alone, but i found that I like it
talking on the phone has always sucked
I'm going to have to talk to Rene' and Martin about your attitude about Brothers and Sisters - I will speak for us all when I say that we are terribly hurt that we aren't enough for you
I am the same way with chocolate and sweets - I guess we only want what we DON'T have
If I could only have one topping on my pizza I think it would have to be black olive - I have found that I love Western Family black olive the most
I find it rather disturbing that you have not seen French Kiss
Now I am off to read your next post you slut.

JTJones said...


another reason for the low posting average could very well be the word verification.
It's a posting block - you need to remove it.

JTJones said...

My average is 14 comments per post.

Kimberly said...

and you wonder why I wanted more sisters and some brothers!!!!

"my average comments are 14" - speaking of comment slut - like sister, like sister!

and I can't help it if you don't have time to read my thoughts, no one ever has time to listen to them so at least when I type them all out I've at least been able to express them! :}

Kimberly said...

I tried it! And it was pretty good. It totally changes the taste of the drink (of course) and I don't taste the caramel as much so I'm not sure that it will become my new addiction but definitely one to add to the list of drinks I like. Thanks for the recommendation!