Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Protest comes in many forms

They are screaming out at me protesting from deep within. NO, NO, NO!!!!! Don't do it! Anything but that! Don't hide us away in this tight, dark space!

What is protesting and why - you may ask?

The answer - my toes!!! You see they've tasted freedom and now cannot bear to be shoved back into socks and shoes!!! The weather mocks them but what can I do?


Anonymous said...

It amazes me everytime I read your blog how hilarious you are. That is one reason I can never blog - I could never live up to the standard of humor that you set. So, I am content to be a blog reader. It's better than tv on most nights - not tonight, though, when there will be three girls over here glued to the tv to see if ARCHULETTA wins IDOL. Tell your toes to be patient, they will be free again, maybe even by Saturday.

Jane Anne said...

When your toes feel tortured like that-- in and out of shoes and socks-- the only real therapy is a pedicure!

Kimberly said...

Your comments are too kind! It boosts my ego immensly to think that you find my blog hilarious because truly that is what I desire. For people to come, read and then laugh, laugh, laugh! But I think that you do yourself a diservice by stating that you would not be a good blogger. I personally feel that your blog would be smart and funny and very entertaining! You'll never know until you try!!!! %^)

Bakatari said...

Go Cook!

Bakatari said...

Go northwestern and wear Teva's with socks.