Monday, June 9, 2008

My husband is a cursor!

It's true, my husband is an electronics curser (as in someone who curses all things electronic). Back when we started our blogs, which is almost a year ago, one of his first posts was about cursing the electronics "gods". It had something to do with his computer at work and a couple of other electronic devices of his. The morning that he wrote it our laptop computer crashed and we are still working on getting that fixed! Needless to say, he deleted that post! So anyway, he has been having some major cell phone issues. Yesterday he decided he had had enough and he was going into our cell phone providers store and going to talk with someone about what they could do for him. Of course he ended up talking with someone who wasn't very friendly, polite or accommodating. He left without really getting anything resolved. I, on the other hand, have not had any issues with my cell phone. Actually, I'm on my third and have never had a complaint about my cell phone itself. So Keith leaves the store and goes to give me a call on my cell. I answer my phone but can't hear him. I'm assuming I must have accidentally hung up on him. So I try calling him back but I can't hear anything - no talking, no ringing, nothing. I start to get a little irritated. Keith texts me and says he can't stand his phone because he could hear me but I couldn't hear him. So we go back and forth he comes and picks the girls and I up and we start to realize the problem doesn't lie with his phone but mine. What could have possibly happened to make my phone not work? We assume that when the store people looked up our account that they messed something up and now I can't hear through my ear piece. Long story short we get home and I call Sprint to talk with them and apparently the ear piece in my phone went out!!!! How lovely is that? So now if I need to take a call or call someone I have to use the speaker!!! You know, everything was fine until Keith started complaining about his phone - I blame my husband!!!!!


Jane Anne said...

Thank goodness you can still TXT!

Kimberly said...

Amen to that!!!

Anonymous said...

I ordered my new phone. good luck with yours.)