Monday, April 14, 2008

Taxes and WASL

Today is not a good day in the McCoy household (as my husband would say - it is a mAd MoNdAY!) I am trying to recover from a yucky flu bug that is lingering longer than I like and yet because of the total and complete procrastinator that I am find myself doing my taxes on the day before they are due! Today is also the first day of a week of WASL testing for Sammy! I can't believe that she is now in the age group of WASLers!!! She has been preparing for this for weeks now. Last night as I was tucking her in and praying with her she went over her list of things that she needed to do to be prepared for testing in the morning:
  1. Get plenty of good sleep the night before testing. This meant Anah sleeping in another room so that Sam would be able to fall right to sleep w/o someone talking with her.
  2. Make sure that the clothes you are wearing the day of testing are comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose. They don't want you thinking about stuff that could be bothering you. Apparently at age 9 this could include your clothing. I never realized!
  3. Eat a healthy/nutritious breakfast. They don't want you coming into school hungry and then only being able to concentrate on that. As I was about to tell her she should eat a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast I thought twice. They probably don't want them having to rush to the bathroom with the runs either. So we will forgo the Raisin Bran for Ohs! Hopefully they won't make her need to use the restroom!
  4. Be on time! Okay so we all know that isn't my strong suit! We set the alarm for 6:45 am. That will give you plenty of time to take a shower, get ready and make it to the bus stop so that there is NO WAY you can be late for school!
  5. Relax! - Relax. Relax? Are you kidding, I'm wound tighter than ...? Well, whatever is wound really, really tight! I'm ready for a good stiff drink and then a couple extra hours of sleep!

So besides for the aforementioned goings-on, this week starts off our last week of soccer. And soccer season is going out with a bang at our house. We had a game this past Saturday (which much to my delight afforded me my first bit of "color"). Sam has a game tonight, Anah has practice tomorrow, Anah has a game Wednesday night, Sam has a game Thursday night, Sam has her soccer "banquet" Friday night and Anah has her last game Saturday. Plus we have overnight guests from Friday to Saturday! This week is going to be a BLAST!!!

So check back in towards the end of the week to see if I've managed to maintain a hold of at least SOME of my sanity!

mAd MoNdAY here I come . . . . . . . .


Bakatari said...

we have overnight guests from Friday to Saturday? who's comming over?
Very funny post! I'll be praying for you!

Bakatari said...

I am very happy that the girls were able to play soccer this year, but I am sooooo looking forward to the end of the season!

Kimberly said...

You and me both!

BTW - we've hit a tiny snag where are taxes are concerned. I've looked all over for our Turbo Tax and haven't found it. Found last years! Not this years!

Bakatari said...

Sounds Like we need to get another one? I would need a text though.

lisa said...

we have CSAP's here in colorado... and although our boys are not affected yet, brian is the school "test guy"... weeks, make that months, of torture! I am so sorry!

As for taxes... I LOVE our TAX GUY! He's not very expensive (which is why brian loves him) and it means SO MUCH less stress around the house. I admire you for doing them yourself! KUDOS to YOU!