Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back up, I think she's gonna blow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AGAIN!!!!

And again and again and again!

Poor thing was kept up Monday night by her puking sister but gets herself up and ready for school the next morning without complaining or incident (and without much help from Mom who was up much of the night). She rides the bus to and from school all by herself, which she really doesn't like to do w/o her sister. She brings home her sisters school work. She does two pages of homework and reads for 45 minutes. She was able to watch some Scooby Doo with her sister and have Top Ramen for dinner - a favorite of the girls. It's off to bed for the both of them. Before I head to bed Sammy has already been up using the restroom 3-4 times. I should've known that didn't bode well. Sure enough, I'd only been asleep for about 20 minutes the first time Sammy came into the bedroom saying her stomach hurt really bad. Once again we try out the Pepto. It only takes another 30 minutes till we see that again. And once again, Anah is the go-between coming to get me each time Sammy is throwing up. We didn't fair as well last night as the night before. Sammy was puking about every 20-30 minutes until 3:30 or so. If she was up after that, I don't know. No one came and got me. I got out of bed about 7:30 this morning thinking, I don't hear the girls up at all. Anah should be getting ready for school by now. I walk into their bedroom and she is sound asleep with her alarm blaring right by her head. It's been going off for 30 MINUTES! She is so tired this morning and very grumpy about the fact that Sammy kept her up all night and now is sleeping in while she has to go to school. Where is the fairness in that? I totally agree with her.


chara said...

pepto puke - yum..
you all should get to sleep in.. sounds like you guys had a rough night..

Jane Anne said...

Oh, man, sorry about your night! I hope Sammy feels better today. Thomas also has a stomach bug (didn't eat dinner last night and has spent much of the morning going potty). So far, it sounds like you have it rougher, though. I will pray it doesn't spread to others in your house (or ours!). I'll pray for Anah and her momma.

Bakatari said...

Poor Anah! she's a trooper though!

Chelsea said...

I know those nights! You almost know the second the door opens and even before they open their mouth to tell you.

I am thankful for the age of 6 where they are able to do it correctly in the toilet! When they were two to three years old, I would just wrap a towel around my front and then allow them to throw up all over me. They found comfort in that. How Gross....Iknow! Want kids yet Chara......oh and dont get me started on the story of.....................

When Jonathan was 3 months old and he progectial(?SP) pooped all over me. Not once but twice this happened. Brandon still laughs at the thought. Want kids now Chara?

Sorry about your lack of sleep Kim....I hope the girls are feeling better!