Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweetened through the ages just like wine!

I just happen to have my sister's computer which just happens to have half of our pictures from our trip this past fall to New York City and Washington DC. I've always meant to post more stories and pictures but with my own computer being down and the craziness of the holidays and our remodel project just never got around to it. So this past weekend us girls got together to go through our pictures because in this day and age of digital photography most of our pictures are in one of two places - our cameras/SD cards or our computers. As we spent time going over all of our pictures and reliving some of our adventures, I think it was pretty unanimous that we would go back in a heartbeat! And what took us so long to go in the first place? So enjoy the few photos and be thankful that I can only post a limited amount of pictures per post. We had, between the four of us girls, over 2,000 pictures.

Mom and I on our first full day in New York. We spent much of this rainy day seeing the island from the water. We took a 3 hour cruise with Circle Line. Their sense of humor was strongly lacking. No one even cracked a smile when us girls got on the boat singing about a 3 hour tour (a 3 hour tour).

My baby sister, Rene', with her favorite Today show host, Ann Curry. (We were actually on TV!)

Rene', myself and my mom taking pictures in Times Square!

Yeah, that's me with Bon Jovi!!!
Well the wax model of Bon Jovi, anyway!
We had a blast going through Madame Tussauds!


Capri Linay said...

i never would have guessed that to be bon jovi...love the pictures, i miss seeing your cute little face.

JTJones said...

Poor Mom! That old Bastard boat host just wouldn't leave her be! Everyone on the ship could have been standing up but he would track her down and scold her into the microphone. Th epoor lady was afraid to move a muscle!

Jane Anne said...

Over 2000 pictures?!?! Really?? That's absolutely amazing. Great job documenting the trip! How long will it take you to scrapbook those?

Kimberly said...

I'm guessing at the rate I'm going about . . . . . . . . . . . ..

2 years give or take another years or so!!!!!! =}