Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting to know ME, getting to know all about ME!

Stole this off of Jane Anne's blog! I love doing these trivia question/email thingys. After awhile though, all the friends I usually send them to quit replying. I've yet to meet someone who loves trivia as much as I do. Now I've definitely met people who are better at trivia but who love it to the extent that I do? Nope. The only one that comes close is my sister. And sometimes I think she just humors me!
So enjoy learning a little about me and please leave comments sharing about yourself, or better yet, steal this and put it on your own blog (with your own answers of course)!

Have You Ever:
-Gone on a blind date: Nope.
-Skipped school: Oh yes! More times than I could count but the most memorable was when my parents caught me and I was grounded for a LONG, LONG TIME!
-Watched someone die: Yes
-Been to Canada: Yes, I went with my girlfriends from Ecola the first time and then went back with a couple friends from Ecola, Ryan Peterson, Dave Baughman, my sister and Keith to watch the Clumsy Lovers, while there our car was broken into. We've not went back since!!!
-Been to Mexico: Yes, twice. We walked over the border on a family vacation right after I graduated from high school. Then our family took a vacation to Puerto Vallarta in September 2003.
-Been to Florida: No. But my sister is doing her darnedest to get us to go to Walt Disney World instead of Disneyland for vacation this year!
-Been on a plane: Yes and I hate it!!! But interestingly enough, the best flight I've ever been on was the one back East just this past November!
-Been lost: Yep! Gotta say I love having Mrs. Carlson in the Rang, Rang!
-Been on the opposite side of the country From where you live: Yes, just this past Thanksgiving I went to New York and Washington DC with my mom and sisters. It was SO MUCH FUN! Before that the farthest I'd ever been East was Colorado.
-Been to the capital of your country: Yes. See above comment.
-Swam in the ocean or waded: Yes. But only the Pacific Ocean. I actually almost drowned when I was younger while swimming off the Southern Callie coast. The lifeguard couldn't get to me so my dad and uncle ended up rescuing me!
-Cried yourself to sleep: Oh my yes! I've cried over boys, friends, pets, lost babies and lost loved ones. I'm a crier!
-Played cops and robbers: I'm not sure. ???? I have no boys and I had no brothers growing up. I can't specifically remember playing cops and robbers. That's a great question!
-Recently colored with crayons: How recently is recent?
-Sang Karaoke: Yes, yes, yes! Love it, love it, love it! (JA - absolutely boring? No! Absolutely missing out? Definitely!!!)
-Paid for a meal with coins only? I'm sure I did back in the days when you could literally scrape your change together for enough gas to get you into town and then get yourself a taco or two at Taco Bell for $.59 a piece!
-Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Unfortunately!
-Made prank phone calls: I know who you are and I saw what you did!
-Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose: I spewed milk out my nose all over Shawn Wood, the boy of my dreams, my 6th grade year. Since then I'm sure it's happened on numerous occasions. I may be a crier but I'm also a laugher!
-Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes. Whenever I get the chance to see it snow the mouth automatically opens and out comes the tongue. What better way to enjoy the snowfall?!?!
-Danced in the rain: Yes
-Written a letter to Santa Claus: No. I was a deprived kid who never believed in Santa Claus and I became a Mom who deprives her kids as well. So I haven't even helped a child write a letter to Old St. Nick!
-Been kissed under the mistletoe: No and that makes me very, very sad!
-Watched the sunrise with someone you care about: Yes on more than one occasion but the best was on my honeymoon wrapped up in a blanket with my hubby!
-Blown bubbles: Yes.
-Gone ice-skating: Yes and I was able to take my girls for the first time over Spring Break. They LOVED it!
-Been skinny dipping outdoors: Amazingly, wild child that I am, I've never skinny dipped outdoors.
-Been out of North America: Is Mexico North America or Central America?
-Been in detention: Oh yes!
-Regretted something you blogged: Not that I can recall.


Kimberly said...

mistletoe just doesn't do it for me baby. sorry

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I love your list! I really like Friend Trivia! I get email surveys often and love reading them. I just rarely make time to do them myself.
(That last comment, that was Keith, right?)

Kimberly said...

Yes, the mistletoe comment did come from Keith. I wouldn't know if mistletoe "does it for me" or not since I've never had the opportunity to try it out! %^(