Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm worried that the word - apparently - is as big as it is. But encouraged that the word - honest - is one I apparently use a lot. (Yes, I did do that on purpose!) I'm a little surprised that the word - hilarious - isn't on my cloud. Because I am!!! Lastly, I'm hoping that there are no misspelled words. But if there are at least I'm consistent, huh?


Jane Anne said...

Alright- I truly think the word cloud is neat. BUT, I re-ran it today to see what it came up with and "Snapshirt" and "cloud" were in pretty big letters. I don't think it really makes the words you use more often in bigger letters. After all, I have only used those words in one post. The word cloud looked totally different today. I still think it is VERY fun. And, I really like your cloud! Thanks for trying again and again to make it work. It is fun to see what words you use!

jtjones said...

I want a word cloud :o( I'm gonna try and try until I get one!

Bakatari said...

I couldn't get my cloud with the link I had to go back to msn home page and then put the http in.
The clouds are sweet but shouldn't they be in the shape of a cloud?