Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks Tank #19

This will be a fairly short thankful list, not because I don't have much to be thankful for but because it's so very late and I'm fading fast. So without further ado . . . .

  1. travel safety - the girls and I made it down to Toledo, OR safely and quickly yesterday evening
  2. lasting friendships - it's hard for me to believe that Kristi and I have been friends for 16 yrs but I'm so thankful for her friendship and the chance we have to reminisce over old times and yet are also able to daily create new memories that we will one day laugh over
  3. a hard-working, supportive husband - my hubbie encourages me to take time to come to Oregon to see two of my dearest friends and then stays home to work so hard on our house and property
  4. learning new things - today at the Aquarium we learned about crabs that live in the ocean between Japan and the Pacific Coast that can grow to roughly 13 ft in size. We saw babies that were over half the size of Lacy, our lab and they were 9 months old. It was a bit eerie and yet totally cool
  5. my parents - my parents are celebrating their 35th anniversary on Sunday. I'm so thankful for the home I was raised in and the amazing example that was set for me and my sisters. my mom came and picked up the girls for a sleepover this week before we left on our "mini-vacation". she has always been so thoughtful and helpful not only with her own family but with all the people she has come into contact with throughout the years. i'm just very thankful for her (and them!) and all the ways she shows her love for her family!

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Jane Anne said...

We loved the oregon coast aquarium when we went!
I am very thankful for your parents, too. They have always been so welcoming to us.