Tuesday, August 5, 2008

For the love of a child or FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!

Today was a bit of a "rough" day in our household. It actually probably started a bit yesterday but that was SO LONG AGO who can remember! We McCoy girls had been invited to a friends house who have a swimming pool. Since the weather was going to be so warm we thought we'd let the kids hang out in the pool and possibly even dip our toes (whole bodies) in as well. (Breathe JA - I actually do like swimming!) But it was glaringly apparent first thing this morning that there was going to need to be a major attitude adjustment before this would happen. And let's be honest - the attitude adjustment needed to happen in all three of us. I was very short on patience and the girls, well, they were short on obedience. Which then turned into outright - naughtiness. This brings me around to the point of my post. In the beginning the girls absolutely could not get along with each other. After getting in trouble numerous times and having practically all of their privileges taken away, they finally decided to start getting along. But then they turned on me. And I was now up against TWO little evil monsters, instead of battling one on each side. (Now don't get me wrong - I love these little monsters to death but a dungeon was looking pretty good today!) So, how is it that they can go from constant bickering and arguing and not getting along to being the best of friends and ganging up on Mom, the one they were just turning to, to get the other in trouble? I don't get it and frankly I'm too worn out to speculate any longer.


Kristi said...

Ahhh, the joys of sibling rivalry. ;) Obviously your girls are very clever! Their new motto must be, "if you can't beat 'em, join ,em." I wonder when that little lightbulb went off inside their heads that told them two against one is much better odds! I hope today is a much better day for all of you and please forgive me for chuckling a bit at your ordeal. :)

sunshine said...

It could have been worse you could have had Ronin today!

Jane Anne said...

I hope your Wednesday was better than your Tuesday. Hey- look at it this way, your girls weren't being obedient, but they did use they were resourceful (can't beat them, join them!). This post sure makes me think about my sisters!!