Thursday, March 27, 2008

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed) ... He washed my sins away!

It was beyond wonderful to be back at "our" church this week for Sunday services. (Not that we have any complaints about our "temporary" church of the last year and a half or so.) But we have so missed hearing Pastor George's messages and fellowshipping with our friends that we've made over the last 4 1/2 years. What was even more wonderful though was being there as a family. The 4 of us all there together. AMAZING! After church, we rushed back to the house to get it prepared, as is possible when you've only lived there for a week, for our company of almost 30 to join us. We potlucked and egg hunted and talked and laughed and wrestled. It was tons of fun! The following day we decided to repeat and had anyone who could join us from our old bible study/small groups come visit with the Owen Clan and eat dinner together. It was a bit chaotic but all in all we once again had an enjoyable time!

some sit and eat and talk, while others search for the elusive eggs and others search for the perfect Easter picture!
boy were we all glad mr. owen was here to wrestle and wrangle the kiddo's into some form of submission!
manly men, doing manly things
some of the ladies from our small group chit chatting in the den/family room/kid's room
while the adults talk the kids take over the master bedroom and try out the American Idol dance mat!
nearing the end of the evening, keith breaks out the Wii and we let the kids take turns testing out their mad gaming skills
it was quite the hit with some grown-ups as well as the kids and very fun to watch!


Bakatari said...

heck ya we were doing manly things. and then we wii'd!

Jane Anne said...

The picture of Mr. Owen is worth 1000 words. Thanks for hosting my family, sharing your family with us and inviting so many friends over to your place for us to see.

Stephanie said...

I did see you all sitting in the front row at church!! So good to see you guys again. It seems like too long between times. Scrapbooking at the church once every 6 months just isn't enough (;