Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I thought that I would try and post some pictures of what has made me happy lately. As most of you know, we are now in our home and have already had the pleasure of out of town guests as well as hosting Easter and a get together of our old Small Group from church. I thought instead of telling about all these things I would post pictures with some brief captions!

jane anne comforting thomas and david who had taken a spill in the spring snow
our close, close friends - The Owens
jane anne & myself enjoying Keith's homemade wine - i'm holding Elsie
bummer - my adorable pic of all the kids bundled up and ready to head out to enjoy the "spring snow" didn't stay turned upright!
it's a race to see who can make it down the slick steps first and out into the yard
let's get all bundled up and go out into the snow so that we can stand underneath the big tree and not get snowed on!

sammy attacks the ball and tries to break away from the other girls. she is the one in purple the farthest right.
break time for the Soccer Monkeys - sam listens intently to her coach while she gets a drink of water
savanah at her first game. they are going thru drills before the game starts.
anah racing towards the ball
together once again. the mccoy gang and owen clan. the girls are thrilled that they've added Elsie to "their side". now boys and girls are even!
Stay tuned for some more photos of our two get-togethers. And I might even possibly get a thanks tank in today!


lisa said...

Congrats on getting into the house! It's fun to see pictures -- it makes me feel closer... silly, i know... but i'm so darn far away!

Capri Linay said...

i can't believe how big the girls are getting. the house looks great! i LOVE the kitchen. can't wait to see the house in june. miss ya