Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's your name, what's your name???

Alright, so for being as busy as we are with our remodel project we still find time to get some TV watching in. Whether it's a TV program or a movie, we tend to watch. (More than we really should.) But anyway, the other day we had this conversation about the good guys or the heroes in lots of movies. That guy who might come off as a "bad boy" but then in the end -ends up saving the day. So what's that guys name? We've come to agree that most of the time this guys name is John. Maybe this comes from the original rough guy/hero - JOHN WAYNE. I'm not sure but now that I've started my "list" I need help adding to it. I'll tell you what I've got so far and then you all have to share with me whatcha know!

  1. John McClane - Die Hard movies
  2. John Rambo - Rambo movies
  3. Johnny Storm - Fantastic Four movies
  4. John Matrix - Commando
  5. John Kruger - Eraser
  6. John Smith - Pocohontas
  7. John Connor - Terminator movies/The Sarah Connor Chronicles

So hit me with your best shot and tell me whatcha got!!! Can't wait to see all the ones I missed!


Chelsea said...

Well in that case...It is a good thing that my son's name is Jonathan. There is that rare time when I call him is a good thing that we consider the spelling JON instead of JOHN!

Anonymous said...

Jong Wang

Bakatari said...

That's a terrible cowboy name!