Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thanks #5

Here are some of my very thankful thoughts for this week:
1. Sunshine - I will continue to put this on my list for as long as I can. I absolutely love feeling the warm rays of the sun beating down on my face. What a wonderful feeling!
2. Rain - Hey, the bible says to be thankful in all things right? Though I have to really, really work on being thankful for this, I am thankful for the times (many as they seem to be) when God "waters" the earth - or at least our little corner of the earth.
3. Floors and Doors - My Dad and Keith were able to get the flooring laid this past weekend and then Dad and I put in the rest of the doors yesterday. It's an amazing feeling to have these things finished.
4. Being blinded by the light - Yes, I do mean that light at the end of the tunnel. It's so exciting to be able to see this remodel project coming to an END! I can barely contain my excitement about being in our house and getting my family back into a routine.
5. Health - There has been so much sickness going around and I'm just so thankful that at least up until this point in time, I've stayed healthy. Also I'm thankful that my father-in-law went into the doctor quickly for what turned out to be a very bad case of cellulitis, staph and MRSA infections. Thankfully, his medicine seems to be working and he is slowly getting better.
6. Opportunities to relax and enjoy - I have bunco tonight and am thrilled to spend a couple hours enjoying the company of some very good friends fighting for those elusive prizes!
7. My daughters - Though they can drive me completely batty at times, especially as those tween years draw near, I am so thankful for them and the laughter and joy they bring to our lives. They definitely keep us on our toes but they are well worth it! (Look for a post coming soon on one daughter in particular!)
8. Holidays and out-of-town visitors - I may be jumping the gun a bit but this is something that I've just been thinking so much about recently. I can hardly wait for Easter, which is my favorite "religious" holiday. I've decided that I'm hosting this year whether the rest of the family likes it or not. I'm so thrilled to be able to have everyone over to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. I'm also thrilled to host our first "out-of-town" visitors. I've so missed my friend and her family and I'm just counting the days till we get to see them again.
9. Spellcheck - I'm very thankful the spellcheck is working again. It helps me maintain some "semblance" of "smartness"!


Jane Anne said...

I miss going to Bunco night with you. I hope you won!
I am so excited about your house, too. Each post about it makes me look forward to seeing it more and more and more. Mostly, I cannot wait to see the Wii players!

Bakatari said...

Spellcheck, thats rifin

Helen Keller said...

I feel that blinded by the light one applies to me.