Saturday, September 27, 2008

If it's not one crazy thing, it's another!

After waking up a week ago to temperatures in the mid 30's and finally turning up our heat (it's set at 65*F), we are supposed to be getting back up into the 80's in a few days. Now I'm not complaining about the sunshiny days and the beautiful weather. It's actually a huge blessing to have a couple of warm days in a row because Keith is staining our back porch as I write this. But you have to admit - this weather is crazy!


JTJones said...

I know! I have been wearing sweaters the last couple of days and today as I was leaving work it was 85 degrees! I surely didn't need the two long sleeve shirts I was wearing, but i kept them on anyway.
So I am a crazy person and I started another blog. It is really an Ode to Robin Jones Gunn. I kinda feel like I wanted to scrap book a "Christy Miller" page, but I blogged it instead. Check it out.

Jane Anne said...

Fall can wait!! I don't mind cooler temps but I am NOT ready for rain.