Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Believe it or not . . . .

So, slightly funny story! I was contacted the other day by a gal I've casually known through MOPs the last couple of years. She was wanting to know if I was still willing to work as a babysitter during their steering meetings and other meeting (don't really know what it's called as I've never actually been a part of the MOPs program besides for watching kiddo's). She was explaining to me who she was and reminding me of conversations we'd had about bum ankles and her adorable son Tate. She then proceeded to tell me a hilarious story about her not "knowing" Kim McCoy. Apparently she had heard some stories or things about this Kim McCoy person but did not know who she was. Then Melissa told her to give Kim McCoy a call about helping out at MOPs. She told Melissa she didn't know who Kim McCoy was. Melissa assured her that she did but she was certain she didn't. She did not remember someone named Kim who was married with any children. The only gal she remembered was a young girl who at her oldest was in her early 20's!!!
I can't begin to tell you how hard I laughed at this. WOW! Believe it or not . . . someone thought I was too young to be married and have any children! That is WAY TOO FUNNY!

BTW - I posted this story solely for Jane Anne because she was getting tired of singing En Vogue in her head!


Jane Anne said...

Bless you my friend!! Great story by the way... so did she actually know who you are and think that you are in your 20's?

Now my sweet, adorable terribly inconsiderate husband is posting a song title on his blog so I can get another song stuck in my head. I guess I won't be checking his blog...Good thing he usually just blogs when I tell him over and over and over that he should :).

Kimberly said...

Yes, she knew me but she didn't realize my name and truly thought there was no way I could have a husband and family!

Anonymous said...

This is funny. What a great ego boost.