Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bringing about the actions you desire

So this is a bit of an update from my last post:
I've figured out how to get the attention that I need (and deserve, I might add) from my girls while driving in the car.
First of all, you have to kick one of the girls out of the vehicle. Right away this gives you an advantage. Less distraction for their little minds when there is only one other person in the car with you.
Secondly, no longer allow them to bring books to read in the car. Even less distraction for them.
Now all you have to do is turn the music up, aim the rear view mirror so that those in the back seat realize you are trying to connect with them and sing. If you still need to get there attention - SING LOUDER!!!
My girls aren't dumb - they figure it out and start singing along.
Now if I can get them to play the air guitar, I'll be REAL happy!


Anonymous said...

air guitar leasons are costly

Jane Anne said...

Now, if I didn't know that you are an excellent singer, this could be considered torture! Too Funny!

Seth said...

I can already see that Kim will NEVER be the mom that high school kids are embarressed to bring the kids home to!
Kim: "Hey girls- you want me to bring you and your friends to the mall?"
Girls with their friends:" Uh, no... we'll walk."
Kim: "But its raining?!?"
Girls with their friends: "Yes, but its less painful!"

Kimberly said...