Saturday, May 21, 2011

what's cookin' good lookin'?

more randomness in regards to cooking and eating ~

my hubby barbecued us an amazing meal for dinner last night - lamb chops (yes, LAMB), roasted corn-on-the-cob with a seasoned goat cheese mixture and stuffed mushrooms stuffed with blended artichoke and mushroom stems and then topped with goat cheese.  it was super good as most meals that he makes usually are.  but what was more amazing than the meal was that he cleaned up ALL of the dishes and kitchen afterward even clearing the dining room table and wiping it down!  while i always love it when my wonderful hubby cooks for us i don't like the clean up afterward because he likes to use every single dish, pan and utensil that he can!!!  so last night was a super treat!

i've NEVER made pancakes for breakfast.  

my girls and i love cream of wheat and i did make that for breakfast this morning.

i'm not necessarily looking forward to the little man starting to eat solid food because that means disgusting, stinky diapers.  though the up side of that will be a lot less "exploding" diapers and therefore a lot less clothing changes throughout the day and less baby laundry.

when we remodeled our house i insisted on either putting in a double wall oven or getting a stove with two ovens.  we went with the stove and double oven combo and i will never willingly go back to a single oven again.

and lastly . . . 
i found out this morning that my VERY non-picky eater does NOT like roast.  i'm like, "what"?  SO . . . . . . . even though we're all going to be "raptured up" here in a couple of hours - i'm planning on making a delicious, juicy roast tomorrow for dinner that completely changes her mind!!!

oh, i almost forgot -
i checked out the Pioneer Woman's cookbook from the library and am considering actually trying out a few of the recipes . . . 
but i'm gonna need to get myself a rolling pin first.


Jane Anne said...

You've really never made pancakes? Or is that never made them for breakfast?

sharon said...

I love that cookbook. We made the enchiladas and everyone loved them.

Kinda funny about the pancakes!