Monday, May 2, 2011

randomness . . .

just a few things from my morning . . .

apparently my daughters are NOT fans of the band Chicago - i'm very disappointed

our one day of sunshine yesterday was not enough to make this day of pouring down rain "acceptable"

peach pie and coffee does a breakfast make

i never realized how much i could "love" baby poo and spit-up

i'm looking forward, once again, to a time in my life where i'm not so tired that i fall asleep while watching a movie - no matter what time of day i'm watching it

i really do prefer to dress my baby boy like a little man

we have four different cartons of milk in our frig on a regular basis:  Non-fat for Sammy and I, Lactose-free for Savanah, 2% for Keith and Half n' half for my coffee   ---  it takes up a lot of room

AND . . . i think it's time for me to start reading Breaking Dawn again


sharon said...

Welcome back to your blog!

Jane Anne said...

Now today is a fun day thanks to this. I love reading your thoughts.

Peach pie- yuck

I fall asleep regularly- let me know what I should do about that... oh, more sleep... hm...

I cannot see enough pictures of your little man.

I wonder if you will fall asleep while reading Breaking Dawn.

paul & lins said...

yay!! she's back! missed your blogging