Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok so this is my very feeble attempt at my first, but hopefully not last, Not Me Monday! I have enjoyed reading through my dear friend Jane Anne's Not Me Monday posts over the last couple of months. If you even slightly enjoy reading this you should check out her Not Me Monday post as well!

After going for a "long spell" without having a Starbucks and then asking my hubby to bring me home one two nights in a row and that not quite working out, I certainly DID NOT buy myself not one but two quad shot Caramel Macchiatto's last Thursday. NOT ME!!!

I also DID NOT decide not to look for subs for Bunco last Thursday because it would give us all a better chance of winning. That would be so selfish and certainly doesn't sound like something I would do - NOT ME!!!

I DID NOT leave a status up on my Facebook profile for an extra long amount of time and refuse to update it until I had someone comment on it because of how clever I thought it was. NOT ME!!!

I DO NOT still have Christmas presents sitting in my bedroom that still need to be wrapped and given to friends. NOT ME!!!

I DID NOT thoroughly enjoy driving my husbands Durango today with new tires and wheels. NOT ME!!!

And lastly, I HAVE NOT been shamelessly leaving message after message for one of my closest friends pestering her about coming to visit. That would be inconsiderate of me to nag and nag and I would never do that. NOT ME!!!


~~Missy~~ said...

What a cute idea. I love it!
BTW, I am guilty of a couple of those myself. =)

Jane Anne said...

This such a great Not Me! post. Now, I have never had another Not Me bring tears to my eyes like that last one did. I loved it- the whole thing. Keep doing this! Believe me, it is so much fun.