Friday, January 23, 2009


So once again, I'm stealing a post idea from JA. What can I say, she's got all the great ideas!!! These are just a few pictures of my time spent at Ecola Bible School and one of them is actually from a reunion. This was definitely the most defining year of my life. I grew in ways I never thought possible and made friendships that have lasted 16 1/2 years. Because I moved around so much growing up, I unfortunately don't still have friends from Kindergarten. Amazingly through Facebook I am reconnecting with friends from different states I've lived in and that has been a blast but my closest friends are all "newer" friends - friends that I've made since graduating from high school. At times this makes me sad but I am so grateful for the friendships I have that it doesn't keep me sad for long. I am thrilled to be reconnecting with my "older" friends again and am hoping that now that we've reconnected we won't lose touch again. But back to my "lovely pictures"! Enjoy the pics - they make me smile and laugh!!!

Kristi and I at the Fall Talent Show!
Kristi and I at our Spring Banquet

Julie and I at reunion but I'm not sure what year it was!

Kristi and I pigging out on food after going for a run in the pouring down rain!

Jenni, Tammy and I getting ready for our Spring Banquet. Everyone who sees this picture comments on the "big hair"! Ha, ha!


Jane Anne said...

These are fabulous!! For some reason the one of you with Julie reminded me of Anah. OH, and I definitely love the big hair!!!

Your Brother said...

Big hair is wondeful :) Brings me back to the glory days.