Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Why's

Why, oh why???????


Chelsea said...

I have a why question.

Why has your hubby left the blogging for face book?

And why does he say such mean things to me? and then in return love us and want us to come over?

And why doesn't anyone comment on my blogs anymore?

OOOHHH this sillyness must stop!!!

I love you guys. I wish that I could chat more on facebook, but frankly I don't have the time to recreate another site on the net. I have been working hard at a reading program for kindergarteners, first graders, and sencond grader readers. The reading group is called "read well". I absolutely love love love it!

Wish I could keep up with all you chatters! Tell everyone hello and tell your husband to stop being mad at me!

love you guys.....God bless you!

Kimberly said...

he's lazy????

he shows love by saying mean things???

that's a good question and i totally should be asking the same thing.

sillyness should never stop!!!

we love you guys too and completely understand that you are too busy for us ....

seriously though we understand - that reading program sounds great!!!! you are an amazing woman!!

hopefully we can get together soon - we've had lots going on with family members in the hospital and such.

God bless you, too!

Chelsea said...

You would think I would proof read my work before posting it. teaching reading to little children and I can't even remember to fix my mispelled words....
what a shame!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why also!!!

Why is all this stuff happening to my family.

Why did Nick have to get leukemia!

Why does Grandma have to be sick!

Why does Aunt Sandra have to be the 3 Thompson lady to have breast cancer!

Why oh why did my wonderful husband have to get hurt!

Why can't teenagers pay more attention to what they are doing!

Why when you call to talk to billing at the hospital you really never get to talk to someone, and if you do they speak broken English!

Wow thank you for letting me rant.