Wednesday, September 5, 2007

*** More Firsts ***

So while the girls and I were experiencing a couple of firsts, so was Keith. He painted our house for the first time!!! As scary as the above picture is, it looks GREAT compared to the "original" before pics. Maybe when it's all said and done we can get an actual "before" and a completely done "after" picture posted.

Our brother-in-law, Martin came and helped Keith paint. In another "first", Martin went home without breaking one thing. Though I hear that he tried!

This might look like magenta paint but I promise that it's not. The main color is Spanish Sands; accent color is Seattle Red and the trim is Swiss Coffee. (I think that we might have a thing for S's. We surround ourselves with "S" names! Don't we, Sweetie? Hee, hee!)

And there she is! We've yet to get any trim up and the door is also going to be red. I can't wait til it is completely finished. I am so thankful for Keith and Martin giving up part of their weekend to paint the house. Truthfully, I so appreciate all the work that Keith, my dad, Martin and Seth have put into our home.


Anonymous said...

Another week and I should have the shop done....sweeet!

Thanks for the 8 rounds Martin!:}

Maybe in a few more years we could go fishing on a Saturday instead of working the land.}

Jane Anne said...

Thanks for posting these pictures of the house! I meant to check the pictures out before you left OR. It looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I love that pink color you have going on! How cute ;o)