Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm one of those people!

It's true! I admit it! I am one of those people. One of those crazy, scary people. The ones you drive by (or should I say drive by you) that are the only person in the car and look like they are going into some sort of screaming rage. But they aren't. No, they are just singing at the top of their lungs with blind ambition. The funny thing is, though, I do it with my kids in the car. And they are learning to do it too! And I'm as proud as I can be!!!
I LOVE MUSIC!!! In all sorts of genre's. On any given day you could find Def Leppard, New Kids on the Block, Michael Buble', Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Vassar, The Beach Boys and Hannah Montana all in my CD changer. My girls love music also. Even when they were brand new babies they loved music. When we were driving in the car they used to scream at the top of their lungs if the music wasn't turned up loud enough. And I would always indulge them. I mean really, who would rather hear a baby screaming than their favorite music cranked? As the girls grew up, they continued to listen to my music. I was a "mean" mom and didn't really listen to kiddie music. When Samantha was about 3 1/2, her favorite song was 'She thinks my tractors sexy' by Kenny Chesney. She called it HER SONG. But now that the girls are older I have to admit, I listen to their music. We have a couple Hannah Montana cds, a few Disney Mania cds, and our favorite High School Musical. I'm regressing!!!!!!


J29A said...
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Jane Anne said...

The day after we got home and the day after you dropped off the van for us at the airport, Seth asks me, "Hey, do you know if Kim liked that CD that was playing in the van?" He had gotten the car from the parking garage and drove around to pick me up with 2 sleeping boys. Apparently, the music was left up REALLY LOUD.

Kimberly said...

Jane Anne,
I'm shocked to hear that!!! LOL And I suppose I should apologize as well, but somehow I just feel like chuckling!!!

Kimberly said...
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Bakatari said...

She blew a speaker in Miss' Carlson playing that loud music:}