Thursday, August 2, 2007

Baby steps

After my post about letting my children go and start to grow up, Keith commented that the easiest way to do this is by "baby steps". (I think he might have been quoting Bob. No, not the talking red tomato - the Bob of What About Bob?, fame.) So last night, we took our first "baby step". The girls got to have their very first sleep-out in the tent trailer all by themselves, chaperoned only by their "ferocious protector", Lacey, who is our yellow lab. Sam did great. After making sure they were all settled and tucked in and prayed with, I left them figuring I would see them both very shortly. Sam didn't come in once. Anah on the other hand just couldn't seem to keep herself in her sleeping bag. She was in and out at least 4 times. Then came in to say that Sam was asleep and she had to come in and sleep in her own bed. Me, being the meany that I am, informed her that they had been begging me for days to let them do this and she need to go get back in the trailer and go to sleep. Figuring this really wouldn't work and I would at some point in the middle of the night need to bring them back in and get them settled back in the house. BUT THEY DID IT!!!! We didn't see their happy, smiling little faces until after 8 am this morning! They were so proud of themselves for staying out all night and not being afraid. I guess Keith was right - baby steps! BABY STEPS!!!!

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