Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks Tank #29

So this post has been a long time coming. To be honest, I've been meaning to start back up on my blogging but I've intimidated myself into not actually doing it. After being gone from the "blogging world" for so long, I wanted some awesomely, hilarious post to get me back into blog land. Kind of reminds me when I very first started blogging and not knowing what to name my blog kept me from starting a blog. But anyway, enough with the procrastination. I'm starting back with baby steps . . . . my thankful thoughts for today!
  1. I'm thankful for four days without rain with actual bursts of sunshine and fairly warmish weather!
  2. I'm thankful for kids being back in school where they belong.
  3. I'm thankful for a husband who works hard even when it frustrates me because there are so many other things he could be doing that would be equally frustrating but I realize he is just trying to make our home be the best it can be.
  4. I'm thankful for old pictures that bring back some of the most amazing and precious memories!
  5. I'm thankful for planned visits with friends.
  6. I'm thankful for friends that let you vent and rant and rave over instant messaging even when you haven't seen them in almost 8 years who tell you all the things you needed to hear!
  7. I'm thankful for cleansing tears and healing laughter.


Jane Anne said...

I am thankful for planned visits with friends, too!! I am also thankful for YOU. Can't wait to give you a big hug!

Missy said...

I'm thankful you are joining us back in blog land. =)

"Cleansing tears and healing laughter" I could use a bit of that.

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.